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Real (low level) Tanks of Genius: Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank Guy

Unnecessary Blogage Presents
Real (low level) Tanks of Genius: Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank Warrior Guy
(Real [low level] Tanks of Genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy.
( Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy)
Some would say that you shouldn't tank in leather, but for you it's all about the stamina.
(I got more HPs now!)
Those leather DPS classes in the group complaining about your new leathery loot? They're just jealous!
(They were plus crit legs)
While people try to explain to you why mail is better for tanking you cough up some phony mathematical equation to prove why you're right and they are wrong.
(Look at me with my numbers!)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Leather Tanking warrior. You may not have good armor for tanking, but you sure got a lot of HPs now.
( Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy)
So recently I've been guilty of leveling up another alt. With the new LFG system I've heard from lots of the other WoW Bloggers I talk to that it's pretty fun to do.
So a few days ago I cleared a character space on my server and started a little hunter. Yesterday I got a group for the Deadmines. The group seemed to be full of people who actually knew how to play.

Our group started with a druid tank, a dps warrior, a healing paladin, an ele (?) shaman and myself. As we progressed the druid tank actually had to leave and the warrior became our tank. It just so happened that the switch was made in the foundry right before a boss.

That is where the fun comes in. We downed Gilnid and he dropped Smelting Pants (76 armor, 8 stamina and +7 crit rating). You may recall that in the last patch, there is no longer a armor class limitation on rolls.. The shaman, the warrior and myself rolled Need. The warrior won them. Of course this was met with indignation.

The warrior explained that he needed the legs for tanking. I couldn't believe it.. I knew he couldn't be that much of a noob I mean.. he had Bind of Account items so this wasn't his main. I calmly explained to him that he would be MUCH better off tanking in mail than leather and expected him to hand them over to the highest roller on the item, I was horribly mistaken. This guy HONESTLY believed they were better for tanking because of the stamina on the item. I informed him that as someone who played a tank for the main I knew what I was talking about and although the item did have a good amount of stamina it was just silly to choose HP over armor, since with more armor you'd take less hard hits and this would be better than just more HP. He replied that his main was also a tank and spewed some mathematical formula as to why he was correct and I was wrong.

I was stupefied, really there are not people this uneducated playing WoW.. I thought for a minute and considered that maybe his main was a druid tank and he might be a bit confused. I asked him what his main was and he replied a Death Knight.
I died inside at those words. I too play a Death Knight.. my main is a Death Knight tank. Anyone who plays WoW also knows how most DK tanks (or just DKs in general) are horribly bad at their class. The cliché really bothers me because it is hard to win people over especially when it comes to tanking, and here I was conversing with one such idiot who perpetuated the stereotype.

There was no winning, this guy was just an idiot. For the good of the group and for the sake of getting my stupid quest done I shut up and just continued the group. At Mr. Smite I was tempted to roll need on a 2 handed axe, Smite's Reaver, just to irk the Warrior and claim that I needed it for hit rating.. but it's just not really my style. I'm no ninja. I did however throw in a comment about how if I used "warrior logic" I'd roll need on the item even though the rest of the stats were useless for me.

At the end of the instance I also realized how much of a waste the legs were on the warrior even more so because the quest reward for him was Chausses of Westfall which were surely better for tanking than those leather legs. So I said the following:

Well duh I was sad because I didn't get the crit; IT'S A STAT THAT HUNTERS USE FOR DPS their main and only reason for existing! But honestly what was the most painful was that his main was a Death Knight tank.

Oh well a pity for the legs, it gets better because this guy is actually still wearing them (he must not have taken the mail reward) or it could be the REAL reason he needed on them was for DPS as he is currently specced to arms.

Optìm of Shadowsong EU, you sir are either incredibly stupid, or just a ninja. Either way, I hope I never have the displeasure of grouping with you again.


  1. Wow, smartness... That's terrible really, people are so so stupid. What kinda tank wants hp over armor? Because you can have like 40k hp but if you're taking hits for about 30k due to no dmg reduction, it doesn't help. People sometimes think we should be that way, but avoidance and armor are more important, once you get the defense cap you gem sta obviously. At low levels it really is unimportant, I wore mail, when I could wear plate I switched to it. I just like to add my 2 cents sometimes, it's very happy :) At least you know of one idiot to never group with again, I guess that's a plus? Meh better luck next time anywho!

  2. Hi Anex,

    Thought I'd stop by and say hello after getting your comment over on my blog. I am so stoked to see another Amberian Dawn fan out there, and I am so happy for AD that they are getting the exposure they so deserve from Rock Band! And lo and behold, Winterstorm hangs out here as well! Funny how these things work!

    Keep up the great work! \m/

  3. Despite all the good times we have in low level LFG, you're always going to run into the morons from time to time. You found a Warrior rolling need on Leather, I found a Warrior tanking RFD with a cloth chest piece, a white robe with no stats at all, as well as a Cat druid that tanked by casting starfire on the first mob, switching to cat, sprinting down the hall to body pull the whole hallway and then coming back and tanking with Wrath, in caster form, wearing mostly cloth.

    Yes, morons still exist in the world despite our best efforts to remove them. With such a large number of other players out there in your battle group the chances of you ending up in another group with the same guy are pretty slim. But it has happened to me twice. If I'm chaining randoms it happens more often, but twice it's happened on different nights. For that reason I go ahead and use up my extra ignore slots on the ones who reach that special level of suck.

    The good thing about playing a hunter in that level is that your pet can tank just as well, if not better than a player "tank", so at least you're not completely screwed.

    As for the Death Knoob stereotype, I don't think we're ever going to get rid of that unless Blizzard makes it harder to play the class.


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