Friday, March 12, 2010

Video of the Week: Forever

This week's video is actually a re-do video.

I was working on this video last week when I got tired of getting 99% right at the end (I think I was slightly off pitch on the last "be" scream every time.) and was lured by the appeal of the Rock Band Network and the Amberian Dawn songs.

This week I MADE myself do it. I actually had a bit of a problem though.. my first run resulted in an FC (full clear, 100%) but my digital camera (for the picture in picture view) died during the song... I was ever so mad and tried over and over again to FC it unsuccessfully.

So as I was saying this video is in fact a re-do video
because this was the first video I ever uploaded onto youtube.. things have changed a bit since then and Bobbo from New England Music Supply suggested/requested I re-do it with my nice new microphone.

Here are both videos so you can check out the differences since then ;)

Forever 1st youtube video

Forever Re-Do Video

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