Monday, April 26, 2010

Death Knight Tanking: Frost Dual Wield Spec à la Raevn

(I'm aware that Blood is the main spec for raid tanking nowadays and will be the standard in the next expansion, however I'm doing this with the immediate future in mind)


A couple weeks ago I decided that my "alt" (Landriana, Elemental Shaman) had quite surpassed my main (Raevn, Frost Death Knight) to the point of humiliation and shame in regards to gear and instances completed. To where technically Raevn should have been considered as my alt.

I'll admit that it was easy to let myself slide. It's not that I didn't like tanking or my Death Knight, it was just that it's WAY easier to come along in instances as a DPS. When something goes wrong it's not the DPS that is blamed (rarely, even when it IS their fault) and I basically get to sit back, shut up and just follow along killing things. It's much more pleasant than running ahead marking mobs (which I'm really slow to do because of the drop down menu and my inability to move my mouse in a straight line, along with the fact that I keep forgetting to keybind the "skull" mark) while having some asshole keep yelling "Go! go!" at you.

So one day I decided to at least do my daily heroic to get some frost & triumph emblems, my gear wasn't (nor is it currently) the best, and didn't even include full tier 9. I felt pretty comfortable with tanking, the day I stopped playing my tank so much I was considered as "up there in gear"... however, the day I decided to resume gearing  I found out just how much I was in everyone's dust.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Video of the Week: I Wanna Be Your Man (or WOman... in a hat)

Lucky for me I was thinking ahead and recorded TWO videos last week with the intention to save one for release this week because I'm SICK!

As if I haven't had a crappy last two weeks with the headaches etc (CAT scan came out normal by the way, they say my brain just needs time to recover) I now have a really bad cold. If not for recording last week I'd have no video to release today, so yay for thinking ahead.

This video features the famous "hat" that I'm wearing in my new twitter pic etc. My good old fedora that I bought many years ago and thought would be fun to wear in this video. I missed it, don't get enough chances to wear it and took advantage to take that picture. I've also gone ahead and used the picture for a new youtube avatar since people liked it so much.

Other than that the song itself again wasn't hard (headaches don't motivate me to try harder stuff),

Friday, April 16, 2010

Update & Video of the Week: Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)

Before I get on to this week's video I wanted to apologize for the lack of videos and blog entries these last 2 weeks. (And sadly the video before that was blocked by youtube in the US :/)

The first week of April was busy with Easter and my house rampage cleaning for a friend to come visit from another country. Unfortunately that didn't come to pass and at the same I ended up hitting myself head pretty hard on a shelf while cleaning (I'm a klutz).
Two days later I was dizzy and nauseous and had to go to the hospital. I was put under surveillance and told that I should avoid television, video games and computers for at least 48 hours so that put my videos off another week.