Friday, April 16, 2010

Update & Video of the Week: Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)

Before I get on to this week's video I wanted to apologize for the lack of videos and blog entries these last 2 weeks. (And sadly the video before that was blocked by youtube in the US :/)

The first week of April was busy with Easter and my house rampage cleaning for a friend to come visit from another country. Unfortunately that didn't come to pass and at the same I ended up hitting myself head pretty hard on a shelf while cleaning (I'm a klutz).
Two days later I was dizzy and nauseous and had to go to the hospital. I was put under surveillance and told that I should avoid television, video games and computers for at least 48 hours so that put my videos off another week.
However I have still been suffering from headaches ever since I hit my head and after a visit to the doctor I have an appointment for a CT-scan on Monday (the earliest appointment I could get).

I will let you guys know how that goes.

So anyway on to the video now.

This week's video is Come Out And Play. Honestly this song really isn't too difficult and that is part of why I chose it as I still haven't been feeling so great.

I forgot about the percussion parts in the song and was not prepared at the beginning for them. With this higher quality microphone it is near impossible to hit them by tapping the microphone (or mic stand in my case). It's something I know that doesn't work but I tried it anyway, so I missed the first notes because of that.. oops.

Fun song, as with most of The Offspring's songs..


  1. How are you now? Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Still having annoyingly bad headaches and the top of my head hurts randomly now and again. Today I get the CAT scan so we will see how that goes O_o

  3. Really sorry for you! -_- So, what came out of the scan? Do you already have any results?

  4. Initial results were they didn't see anything "abnormal". I have to go back to the office and pic up all the images etc sometime after today.. but being that I caught a fucking cold (to add to my headache misery) I don't know when I'll be motivated to go walk over there :/

  5. Awww, you've really hit crap zone here! Get well soon! Sending you power! ^^

  6. Yeah I'm not lucky -_- Thanks for the power, I'm hoping to get over this soon.. it's boring to be sick, I can't play Rock Band vocals or anything :/

  7. How are you now?

    I just realised that you DO have something in common with Alanis: The hair. :P Except that hers was never red.

    BTW, I adored her in "Dogma"! :P

    About those nonsense syllables that keep turning up in songs ... I never realised that they could be such a problem, interesting. I wonder what the technical term for them is, because scat seems to be something different - nonsense syllables or wordless passages in songs are really ubiquitous.

  8. Why did you comment here silly? :)

    Haha yes, the hair is similar. I had someone comment that I reminded them of her, I'm sure it is the hair.

    I loved her in Dogma as well :D

    And yes these nonsense lyrics are really common. They are fine, but being expected to reproduce them exactly is silly and annoying.

  9. Where else should I comment? :P


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