Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging on 2GuysGaming.Com!

Yup, that's right! I'm now a blogger for I know you're saying to yourself "um, I thought you were a girl?". I am, I am... but who cares? :p

2 GuysGaming was the brainchild of two awesome guys: Cena from Cena's Corner and Ryan from It's a place for reviews, and pretty much anything gaming related. You can also check out the 2GuysGaming youtube channel which already has some reviews on it along with game play footage, including some funny footage of a game of Blur that I am also a part of.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Female Worgen Models Are Here!

So I've been impatiently awaiting the female worgen models ever since I got into the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta. There have been a few picture floating around out there of the Worgen models but it was not yet in the final stages. Here's the wolf barbie-esque image.

Today I logged into the Beta (with a bug of character models not loading) and noticed the icon for female worgen modification changed. (previously it was a symbol of the picture above). After clearing game cache (both cache folders for anyone else with the problem) I re-logged into the game and was greeted with the new female worgen model.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Video of the Week: Evil Inside Me (RBN)

This week's video is another Amberian Dawn song. What can I say? They are probably the songs that are the most fun on vocals. Plus it is nice to have music you like in one of your favorite games. ;)

I really like to listen to this song, but sadly (and oddly) it wasn't as fun for me to sing as LionHeart or Kokko (which I didn't really like to listen to as much as some others). I think my main problem is I just don't like the way I sing it.

Also I think it is charted weird.. generally I don't have issue with anything Rock Gamer Studios has charted, everything is pretty good and rather accurate. I've noticed that often the lyrics are slightly off on the Amberian Dawn songs, but it's generally really minor.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video of the Week: Lionheart (RBN)

This week saw the release of TWO Amberian Dawn songs, Lionheart and Evil Inside Me.

I had intended to do both today but I ran out of time, so you only get one :p

Like Kokko, this song really wasn't one of my favorites to listen to.. again, not that I hated it.. just there were other songs I liked more. However, Lionheart has grown on me.. BIG TIME. I REALLY like it.. vocally it is fun, lyrically it is awesome.

I never pay too much attention to lyrics, I generally read through them once when I get the album and then they end up forgotten. However playing the songs on Rock Band

Video of Last Week: Kokko- Eagle of Fire (RBN)

I was bad last week and let this one slip by without blogging about it.. naughty me.

Honestly I didn't really have too much to say about this video anyway other than MORE AMBERIAN DAWN (insert fan-girl squeal)!

Kokko has never really been one of my favorite songs, it's not that I hate it.. I just like other songs more, but ya know.. Kokko is really fun to sing.

So this song earns 5 stars on my "fun on vocals" scale.

I think it came out pretty well other than the mic distortion and am happy with it. It got good ratings