Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skyrim: All Achievements Porgress as of 12/4/12

This is an excerpt of a previous post, the full post is here: Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim. Updated: Dec. 4, 2012

So without intending to I kind of started a goal to gain every achievement in the game so that should surely keep me busy until The Elder Scrolls Online is released (well, maybe not THAT long, but for a while). I just started noticing that I was getting the majority of achievements anyway, so I figured why not?

Here's my profile on Raptr (I can't think of an easier way to link achievements):

I'm sitting at 63/75 achievements (there were some achievements that came with the Dawngaurd DLC , Hearthfire add-on and Dragonborn DLC). Rather than link all the ones I have it is just easier to list the ones I DON'T have.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim

My character in Skyrim; Raewyn
(updated 9/17/12, see achievements section)

I know my blog seems to mostly be about Rock band, but I DO play other games too.

Last year on my birthday I received Skyrim for my birthday (December 8). I was semi-interested in the game, but didn't know much about it. I knew it was similar to Oblivion (I now know it is part of the same universe) which I HAD wanted to buy but couldn't play because my TV was WAAAAAY too small to deal with the interface (I used to play on a postage stamp, as evidenced in some of my rock band vids from 2 years ago).

I poked around the video game stores in November when Skyrim was released, but everything I found said "Version Francaise Integral" which usually means that the entire game has been translated into French along with character voices without any way to change the language. As a native English speaker living in France, this is a pain for me. Not to mention that games/movies/tv shows dubbed in French usually have TERRIBLE voice acting and translations (the majority of the Frenchies I have spoken with agree). So I put off the game. However my husband and a friend of ours schemed in my back to order the game from an English speaking country for my birthday. So needless to say when I saw my birthday present had the shape of a game or movie I opened it cautiously and then shrieked.