Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rock Band Vid: Lithium & XLR -> USB Mic Buzz

I finally got around to recording a video! Yay!

I have been sick forever (going on over a month now) with bronchitis. I still haven't got rid of it, but I have decided I need to just learn to work around it because I am tired of waiting to recover. I think I will have to talk to my doctor about chronic bronchitis next time I see her, we will see what happens.

So this week is Lithium by Evanescence. As much as I'm not crazy about the band (or I guess I should say Amy Lee, since she started over) anymore (nor the direction), there was a time I did like the band (first 2 albums). It was also previous to discovering harder music and European metal which includes symphonic metal bands with classically trained female singers... so I have kind of "grown out of" Evanescence. However, this was a song I used to quite like and it is fun to sing.