Monday, March 29, 2010

Real (low level) Tanks of Genius: Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank Guy

Unnecessary Blogage Presents
Real (low level) Tanks of Genius: Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank Warrior Guy
(Real [low level] Tanks of Genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy.
( Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy)
Some would say that you shouldn't tank in leather, but for you it's all about the stamina.
(I got more HPs now!)
Those leather DPS classes in the group complaining about your new leathery loot? They're just jealous!
(They were plus crit legs)
While people try to explain to you why mail is better for tanking you cough up some phony mathematical equation to prove why you're right and they are wrong.
(Look at me with my numbers!)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Leather Tanking warrior. You may not have good armor for tanking, but you sure got a lot of HPs now.
( Mr. I Don't Need Mail To Tank warrior guy)
So recently I've been guilty of leveling up another alt. With the new LFG system I've heard from lots of the other WoW Bloggers I talk to that it's pretty fun to do.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Video of the Week: He Sleeps in a Grove (RBN)

This week's video is He Sleeps in a Grove by Amberian Dawn available for sale on the Rock Band Network, authored by the awesome people over at Rock Gamer Studios.

This is actually the first time I have ever FCed (full cleared) the song in expert. I had issues where I was stuck on a certain point and once I figured that out I managed to mess up on a part I usually make.

The song is difficult because it is high for a long period of time with little to no breathing room between phrases. In order for me to hold a high note I need a good amount of oxygen and I just wasn't getting must space to breathe. After a bit of practice (or should I say 10+ 99% runs) I got a little better at it although my voice is still a bit weak.

I feel like it has to be said that I am not a real singer, I have no training in classical singing (it's something I'm interested in though)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Video of the Week: Forever

This week's video is actually a re-do video.

I was working on this video last week when I got tired of getting 99% right at the end (I think I was slightly off pitch on the last "be" scream every time.) and was lured by the appeal of the Rock Band Network and the Amberian Dawn songs.

This week I MADE myself do it. I actually had a bit of a problem though.. my first run resulted in an FC (full clear, 100%) but my digital camera (for the picture in picture view) died during the song... I was ever so mad and tried over and over again to FC it unsuccessfully.

So as I was saying this video is in fact a re-do video

Giving Away: Blur Beta Tokens!

Due to positive feed back from the beta multiplayer demo of Blur, Blur has sent me tokens to give away.

I have TWO tokens that I will be giving away today at about 7pm GMT +1.

Choosing who to give them to will be hard but you can help make it easier!

What I want you to do is post a comment on my Blur Multiplayer Demo: A Promising Outlook blog entry and tell me why you would be interested in playing Blur. What features interest you and your expectations for the game.

I will then decide who is more "deserving" of the tokens based on reason and creativity.

Please leave me a way to contact you in case you are chosen, twitter is preferred if possible, or log in with an account in the comment section that has a way for me to contact you.

Sadly no one expressed interest in this contest, therefore I have given the tokens to some of my friends, maybe another time and another contest

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blur Multiplayer Beta Demo: A Promising Outlook

(This blog is based on the beta demo and is not representative of the final quality/product as the game is still in development)

So today I received a beta key for the Blur Multiplayer Beta Demo on xbox live. (you can still try to get beta keys!) I actually didn't know anything about this game until I received an e-mail from my local gaming store offering me one a week ago. I checked out the site and thought the game looked interesting enough to give it a shot.

Blur is a racing game by Bizarre Creations and Activision. I wouldn't limit it so much to a "racing game" as there is a bit more to it than that but this is the easiest genre I can find to label this game with.

At first glance (and even after playing it) I'm reminded of some old games I loved to play with my brothers: Extreme G racing (1 and 2), San Fransisco Rush 2049 battle mode (both N64 games) with a mix of Burn Out Revenge. This is actually a good thing as I have a lot of fond memories of multiplayer mode on these games and probably why I'm already looking forward to the full release of Blur.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

OMG RBN! Video of the Week: River of Tuoni

I totally had intended to remake my first ever youtube video but I had a change of plans.

It just so happened that while I was failing at FCing Forever by only getting a strong on the last note Dpritch sent me a message on xbox live talking about the ever spreading rumor that the RBN was coming TODAY!

I immediately decided it wasn't worth continuing to kill my voice for In This Moment- Forever and hovered over twitter watching for the latest news..

And then it came... Rock Band Network was listed under the Music Store and I instantly downloaded the 2 available Amberian Dawn songs (Hey! I helped get them in the RBN ok?) Naturally I went straight for River of Tuoni.. I mean I love Amberian Dawn but He Sleeps in a Grove is not one of my favorite songs of theirs. (I can't wait for the incoming 5 new ones)

I'm actually EXTREMELY lucky I got to play these songs at all because the RBN was not available everywhere.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tanks! You're Welcome.

No it's not a typo.. it's a play on words, you'll get it later :p

I'm pretty sure it is clear from my one of my previous entries: WoW Players of Honor: Join, Aggro Everything and Leave Guy that I play World of Warcraft.

I don't believe however, that I have ever gone into more detail than this silly parody I wrote after a bad experience in a PuG. So before I get to my main point of this blog I'll go ahead and throw some background information out there.

My current main character in World of Warcraft is a Death Knight Tank by the name of Raevn (Terenas EU). I had played every raid role except a tank previous to this character (previous mains included a Combat Rogue and a Holy Priest) and created her with the intention to tank. Things went well and I felt as if I picked up fast on tanking (being that I had tanked before in Ever Quest it wasn't totally new to me). I had a lot of fun raiding in a guild alliance of three guilds. However, that alliance eventually fell apart due to drama in one of the guilds and that left me with not much of anything left to do on my tank so I started leveling up an alt, a caster dps (something I hadn't played before), Landriana (Terenas EU).

I played this character a lot and basically focused on her until she was 80.. I did so many PuGs (as DPS was much easier than tanking) and once I reached full Tier 9 had nothing else to do on her being that I play casually and am not in a REAL guild (my guild is just for friends and my alts). That left me with only one thing to do: go back to farming heroics for Emblems of Triumph to get my DK in full tier 9.

But there was one problem.. I was rusty.

Anex has found The Lost Cake

Recently I was approached by fellow Team Cena member dpritch in regards to contributing to a blog he was putting together called The Lost Cake.

The Lost Cake is a video game blog with many bloggers and therefore many points of view. There are guys and girls on the team, teenagers and twenty-somethings, sponsored and non-sponsored players and even non-players (more on that in a moment).

The majority of it will be video game reviews (both recent and older games) along with other stories and just about anything video game related.

What I think that will set this blog most apart from the rest will probably be the blogs from KayLove. She is actually going to be blogging from the spectator point of view as she often watches others playing without playing much herself.

I will still be blogging here on Unnecessary Blogage while contributing some of my entries to The Lost Cake. However, some things will remain exclusive to Unnecessary Blogage (such as my weekly Rock Band videos).

So be sure to check out The Lost Cake. It's sure to offer something for every body's tastes.