About: Unnecessary Blogage

Unnecessary Blogage is a gaming blog written by Anex. All the posts contained within this blog relate to gaming in some way. It started as an extension of my Rock Band youtube video descriptions and evolved into something slightly more.

Within this blog you can find anything from entries related to youtube videos/Rock Band (as it started out), to game reviews, tips & tricks and random ramblings about gaming in general.

Articles tend to be in the first person format, though some entries can be more professional and informative. However, due to the overall first person view of this blog, language can, will and has been profane on occasion. Generally it is around the PG-13 level.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them on related blog entries. If you would like to contact the writer personally you can do so via twitter (AnexRavensong) or via Anex's public facebook page found here: Anex Ravensong