Monday, January 18, 2010

WoW Players of Honor: Join, Aggro Everything and Leave Guy

Yesterday was just one of those days on WoW.. you know those days? The ones where you sit in the LFG queue for 5 hours waiting to get a group while the queue time of lies tell you "Average queue time 46 seconds" just to mock you?

Yeah that was yesterday, but it was worse... we only lacked 1 person, a dps. A DPS! The ONE group role that is the easiest to fill because everyone and their dog plays dps. We had been waiting a good 20 minutes before we finally got one and when we finally did we were eager to get moving. The instance was Pit of Sauron Saron, I asked if anyone needed the quest and when everyone confirmed they didn't we decided to skip the Jaina blah blah and get going.

We decided to take that little sneaky path to the right to skip mobs that we didn't care about. All was lookin' good until our newly acquired dps decided he wanted to be the subject of one of my blogs.

First, I got to give credit where it's due... I read some of these over on Psynister's Notebook who had actually gotten the idea from Darraxus and his Real Azeroth Heroes posts, who probably over heard something similar from the Keebler elves while walking outside..

Anyway, if you're familiar with (and enjoy) the "Real Men of Genius" radio commercials by a famous alcoholic beverage maker then you'll probably find this right up your alley:

Unnecessary Blogage Presents: WoW Players of Honor
(WoW Players of Hooonnnoor)

Today we salute you: Mr. Join, Aggro Everything and Leave guy.
(Mr. Join, Aggro Everything and Leeeeaaave guuuy.)

After 20 minutes waiting for a dps in the queue,
The group can finally get going thanks to you.
(I had just clicked "fiiiind dungeon")

Nimbly, you skip mobs and take a stealthier route around them
Just like a skilled player.
(I know what I'm dooing!)

As the suckers pull the first pack
You aggro everything you can and bring it to them
Making sure to say "lol" before they wipe and you leave.
(I can just port ooout!)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, train and wipe guy.
You know how to put the Ugh in PuG while making ignore lists across servers.
(Mr. Join, Aggro Everything and Leeeeaaave guuuy.)


  1. I feel your pain hon :) Nice rhymes.

  2. Haha this is fairly universal really. I've bad DPSers in parties especially in my days in SUN.

  3. /salute I think I've seen that guy a time or two.

    Last night it was the tanks and healers that had no idea what they were doing. Stupidity isn't limited to just a single role, of course, but it seems like it goes in spurts of one and then another.

    I stayed home sick from work yesterday and ran randoms all day after I woke up and just came to accept the fact that I was pulling more DPS at level 65 than the 80s are that I'm running with now.

    In the low level instances it's still the hunters more often than not that do stupid crap, but the higher you go there's just no telling who's going to inspire a Real Men™ post. ;)


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