Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Video: GH5 Smells Like Teen Spirit

So this week's video for youtube is something a bit different. After people asked me to do some Guitar Hero ones I borrowed the game from a friend and decided to do one.

I had intended to record several of them and release them little by little but as my former entry stated, GH kind of indirectly killed my xbox.

Being that I mostly play Rock Band I really had quite a few bones to pick with Guitar Hero..

So here is my list of issues I had with GH5.

1. I had to play the game in PAL-60, not only did this irritate me because I couldn't capture in color with my Dazzle, but it indirectly gave me the E74 error with my xbox
2. I could not for the life of me find a place to turn off the vocal track while playing. I found sound options and turned down vocals as much as it would go and the mic all the way up but it didn't seem to change anything. It MUST exist somewhere but I didn't find it in GH's messy interface (albeit less bad than GH:WT)
3. Guitar Hero is way quieter than Rock Band. I have to crank up my stereo volume just to hear it and then get blown away when I put RB in. I again looked for sound options to help with this and didn't find anything relevant to what I was trying to do.
4. The other default band players are ALWAYS the same.. I really HATE Judy Nails with a passion and want her poser ass the fuck out of my band.

As with all these kind of games I enjoyed making my character. In this song I use my "Anex" character.
My only beef with GH character creation is the women are still too skinny. If you increase the weight it actually just stretches the model horizontally which looks really stupid and not so much that they aren't anorexic. The game also tries to be too realistic. I kind of find all the character models rather creepy and they all seem a bit edgy.. there is just something about it I don't like. I DO like the color customization and outift choices, I also like that choosing a hat doesn't make me change my hair cut.

But anyway back to the actual song:


Smells Like Teen Spirit on GH (or even RB for that matter) is not all that hard. The only hard part I found personally was the "Hello Hello Hello How Low" parts. They were a bit low but there isn't much room to breathe in there to go straight to the next part after.

Bonus tid-bit for the week:
This week's intro/outro features Nightwish- Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean. I really love this song and the album is quickly becoming one of my favorites (I had lacked 4 of Nightwish's Tarja-Era Albums, but recently found them online Nightwish: 1997-2001 BOX.) I love Tarja's scream in this song. It's like an uncontrolled hauntingly powerful operatic wail.. I dunno I just love it.

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