Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Life Internet Losers: Mr. 1-Star Rating Youtube Troll Guy

In the spirit of one of my previous blogs: WoW Players of Honor: Mr. Join, Aggro Everything and Leave Guy, I bring you another "Real Men of Genius" parody: Mr. 1-Star Rating YouTube Troll Guy.

I actually had the idea while having a night of some minor insomnia because of an over active brain. I figured the only way to solve the problem so I could sleep was to decide to act on it and write down my thoughts.

You're probably wondering how this ties into gaming, well for me it does because each week I upload one gaming video to youtube. I have about 200 subscribers, it's not a huge feat (though I'm grateful for all my subscribers and anyone who stops by) but my little Rock band videos are apparently a big deal enough to attract a troll who likes to come and rate them one star. In so doing, my rating goes from 5 star average to 4.5 stars. I was a little annoyed at first but the more I think about it the more I start to be flattered by it.

There are a lot of really great and awesome players out there in the Guitar Hero/Rock band youtube video making world. You got some who have 10,000 or so subscribers! Most for their skill, others for their look (or friendly co-hosts *cough*) but there are so many interesting people out there that I wouldn't even think for a second that my little videos warrant a troll but he/she has proven me wrong.

Seeing as I don't really have an xbox right now (UPS will come to pick it up tomorrow), I have other side projects (like this one) that I have time to work on. So with that I dedicate this parody to my troll:

Unnecessary Blogage Presets: Real Life Internet Losers
(Real Life Internet Losers)

Today we salute you, Mr. 1-Star Rating YouTube Troll Guy,
(Mr. 1-Star Rating YouTube Troll Guy)
Every community needs its troll and here you’ve found your niche,
With 10 different accounts you can knock down a 5 star rating all by yourself.
(They’re subbed to each other)
Angry at the world for not having any friends or a girlfriend to otherwise occupy you,
You take all that rejection and turn it into a low rating YouTube apocalypse.
(It’s LinkinPark time!)
You’re there to prevent a 5 star rating and if someone dares to vote down one of your comments, you log another account and vote it right back up.
(Cower in ph34rof my l33t skillz!)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Mr. 1-Star Rating YouTube Troll Guy,
This 1 star rating is on me.
(Mr. 1-Star Rating YouTube Troll Guy)

I took this parody a step further than just writing it though.. I actually found the background music and did the narration and singing (albeit horribly) by myself.

If you're curious where I got the music from you can find it here: Make Your Own 'Real Men of Genius' Commercial. If you do one please mention it in the comments with a link, I'd love to hear it!

Also if you're just a fan of these hilarious commercials you can find all the mp3s for listening, along with lyrics here:

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