Monday, January 18, 2010

Unnecessary Blogage: New Game

Today I woke up and had something running through my head that sounded like a good idea: post a little witty blog related to anything and everything involving my gaming. (I had a funny little thing I wanted to post about World of Warcraft).
I'll admit that this probably only sounded good to me this morning because my brain wasn't awake enough to fully comprehend the task at hand. I expected to just sign up on any ol' blogging site and start writing my silly little WoW story and be off to a great and easy start.. but man this blogging game sure is hard to start.
The first part was finding a blog site. I went straight to where I had read other blogs some of my friends had and tried to start there. Only problem is I'm one of those people who can't stand to play a game that has crappy graphics. I found one that seemed nice at first glance but once you started playing the thing it demanded you PAY a yearly subscription to have access to all their shiny fancy graphics. I was really annoyed it wasn't written on the box before I wasted my time with it but there was just no way I could even stand it with their few (and not very interesting) pre-made themes. I quickly decided this game just wasn't worth it. I had spent far too much time for something that was just supposed to be something I could jump right into. Lucky for me though I know other gamers who have played these blogging games before and was pointed to by PMS BangBang
So I'm here, a nice little blog that allows me to have pretty graphics and is free (we like free). Let's see if this game is as entertaining as my brain in a sleep deprived state thought it would be.

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