Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video of Last Week: Kokko- Eagle of Fire (RBN)

I was bad last week and let this one slip by without blogging about it.. naughty me.

Honestly I didn't really have too much to say about this video anyway other than MORE AMBERIAN DAWN (insert fan-girl squeal)!

Kokko has never really been one of my favorite songs, it's not that I hate it.. I just like other songs more, but ya know.. Kokko is really fun to sing.

So this song earns 5 stars on my "fun on vocals" scale.

I think it came out pretty well other than the mic distortion and am happy with it. It got good ratings
until one of my trolls went logging his 5 billion accounts to try to rate it down. (he managed to do it twice before I got to stopping him).

So yeah, thanks to this kid I have disabled ratings on all my videos and comments are on approval only. Not to hide bad comments.. but I really don't need "bitch go kill yourself" all over my videos if you catch my drift.

Anyway here is Kokko, enjoy.

Kokko- Eagle of Fire

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