Monday, September 13, 2010

Video of the Week: Evil Inside Me (RBN)

This week's video is another Amberian Dawn song. What can I say? They are probably the songs that are the most fun on vocals. Plus it is nice to have music you like in one of your favorite games. ;)

I really like to listen to this song, but sadly (and oddly) it wasn't as fun for me to sing as LionHeart or Kokko (which I didn't really like to listen to as much as some others). I think my main problem is I just don't like the way I sing it.

Also I think it is charted weird.. generally I don't have issue with anything Rock Gamer Studios has charted, everything is pretty good and rather accurate. I've noticed that often the lyrics are slightly off on the Amberian Dawn songs, but it's generally really minor.

But there is a line "Fear I cannot hide how dark, pulls me away from your light!" The word "your" and "light" are charted to be sung at about both the same length.. however I just don't hear it. What I hear is a long "yooooourr" and a very short "light!". I tried listening to that part over and over again, but I really hear it that way. Only once did I maybe think I heard a longer "light" but when I tried to listen at it again, I didn't hear it. (If you hear something different let me know!)

Anyway just to say that I didn't sing it as it was charted because I just fail to hear it that way. It doesn't really change too much, but I'm sure people will wonder why I didn't sing it as it was charted.

Evil Inside Me- 100% Expert Vocals

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