Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video of the Week: I Will Not Bow (DLC), nor will I scream or growl.

This week's video is Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow. This song is actually fun to play in game even if it's not my favorite.

Difficulty wise this song isn't hard at all, so I can't really offer any tips or major problems I had with it.

The song does however contain screaming and growling which honestly is not something I'm good at, nor do I enjoy doing or listening to it. So the "talkie" parts of the song are meh. I didn't scream or growl for those parts.. I just can't and when I try it sounds like ultra crap in a can.

You'll notice the lack of "split" screen this week. I will blame that on the fact that my living room (where I record) was a mess because I had someone's big ass (it's like 10 years old) computer in my living room that was being repaired. It didn't inspire me to film with all kinds of junk lying around so my apologies.

I Will Not Bow 100% Expert Vocals

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