Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Major Need of an Update xD

It's been FOREVER since I have updated here. To be honest I really was planning a major overhaul and working on moving things over to but I was kept busy.

I had my first show with Ethropia, we were working on recording a demo.. it was crazy stuff. Now that Ethropia is on break for about a year, I have time again. I have really been wanting to write blogs regarding my Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 routine I started in February, and post more videos.

I did upload a few more videos to youtube
since my last entry and I'm going to include that play list here. This time around I used my shure microphone, so overall the sound quality is MUCH better. There's still some occasionally clipping on the loud/high stuff, but much less bad than before.

I really wanted to re-do a lot of the Amberian Dawn videos because I know I can do better than what was posted before and the quality was better as well.

Here is the playlist of Amberian Dawn 2012 videos:

Fate of the Maiden- Amberian Dawn (RBN) 100% Expert Vocals

Ghostly Echoes- Amberian Dawn (RBN) 100% Expert Vocals

Blackbird- Amberian Dawn (RBN) 100% Expert Vocals

Lullaby- Amberian Dawn (RBN) 100% Expert Vocals

War in Heaven- Amberian Dawn (RBN) 100% Expert Vocals

That is all the videos since then. I am going to try to get cracking on having stuff move with my blog again now that I have time. We will see how long that takes xD

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