Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RB Vid: Field of Serpents & New Mic!

It's been a while since I have posted an Amberian Dawn video. As you may recall, I have complained a lot about having issues with recording videos in Rock Band from this artist. Any time I try to sing lyrically my notes are so high and loud that there is a horrible crackle and popping sound on the notes. So I started singing soft, flat and without much effort which resulted in videos I was unhappy with.

Recently I had to purchase a new microphone for use in my band (I bought a Shure SM58 A Beta). It seemed to work wonders in practice (the mic we had wasn't working very well for me), and I started to wonder if it might be useable in Rock Band.

As it is an XLR microphone you need a special cable to be able to use it with your xbox, so I used the RBP Professional Cable provided to me in the past via sponsorship of Team Cena by Rock Band Parts. I previously abandoned this cable and the microphone I was provided because of weird and random static issues that would break a full combo and because I was inaudible on recordings.

I decided it was worth a shot again, grabbed my cable and microphone and was presented with a pleasant surprise: The cable worked perfect and I was HEARD on recordings AND there was little to NO crackle/pop on high notes while singing lyrically!
(There is still some, if you pay attention closely you can still hear it, but it is MUCH less bad than what it was to where I wouldn't even upload a youtube video)

My guess is in the past the issue must have actually been the microphone and NOT the cable, so I do really recommend the cable if you already have a professional microphone. I don't really recommend rushing out to buy the mic I purchased to use it just for Rock Band as it is expensive (in my case it has a different primary purpose for which it was purchased).

Now I feel like I can decently record videos again from one of my favorite bands (Amberian Dawn).  So expect to see some of those in the future (and I am including one now).

I am also considering the idea of also re-recording every (Amberian Dawn) video I have done so far, so that they all have better quality. I've also considered it previous to the microphone change because in the past I was singing incorrectly (previous to starting lessons) and using an artificial lower voice that was forcing me to strain to reach high notes (trying to sing high notes while simultaneously faking a lower voice is counter productive). I'm very likely to re-record in order to have videos that are a bit more reflective of my true singing.

Without further ado, Field of Serpents:

Amberian Dawn- Field of Serpents Expert Vocals 100%

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