Saturday, May 1, 2010

Videos of the Week: Head Over Feet & Bonus Guitar Vid: They Say

This week is a twofer. Reason being is I really felt my vocal video was so poor that I had to make up for it somehow.

So my first video is a expert vocal video as usual. That would be Alanis Morissette's Head Over Feet. I really like this song and have always liked Alanis. I love her songs, I like her personality and she seems like a person I could probably relate to. So naturally when this was out as DLC for Rock Band I jumped all over it. Thing is this particular song is NOT easy for me to FC (full clear/100%).. I have tried so many times to capture an FC on camera but I just can't do it. I've FCed it before but fate is against me getting it on camera. My reason for not FCing it is pure choke. The end of the song has some ad-lib parts in it. You know when singers sing stuff that isn't really words, like "dee dee" "daa ya" or whatever? These OWN me. I had a friend who owned this album and I just don't ever remember hearing that part of the song as all so it's all guess work for me and I guess incorrectly and ruin my run.

It's really irritating. I HATE these ad-libby parts in songs.
There are lots of songs I like that have them, but trying to sing them like someone else is difficult and silly. I mean someone actually has to chart the lyrics and you get something like "hyaedae" or whatever. I sit there trying to figure out what the hell I'm reading and mess up on the song. This song isn't the only one that pissed me off recently with segments like that either.

Lately I've been playing around on a website called Karaoke Play  which basically lets you do karaoke and record it on the website really simply and easy. (The community over there kick's youtube's ass by the way). I have done a few songs there (here are my recordings, if you're a member or if you join send me a friend request :D I'm also looking at eventually adding some to youtube), one being Jewel's Who Will Save Your Soul. It also has these stupid ad-lib parts in the end that I just couldn't figure out (mostly because I'm trying to say what I see on the screen) and I just ended up cutting the end off because I was annoyed.

So yes, the end of the song kicked my ass royally, and it resulted in a run of 98%. I also struggled with activating my over drive, which explains my "Woo!"ing several times with nothing happening. So at the end of the song I blame the audience for my failure to make light of the situation. I went ahead and let the video run a bit longer to show that I DO in fact have a better score for the song because I have FCed it before.

While my main focus is vocals because I'm better at it and this is my sponsored "instrument" , I do occasionally play the other instruments of the game. My second strongest being Guitar. It's where I started since I had played the Guitar Hero series previous to Rock Band and was in expert difficulty (now my skills are rather rusty as I don't play that guitar that often). I figured for the hell of it I'll do a Sight Read (playing a song for the VERY first time, without having played it before) run of a song a bought recently: Scars on Broadway- They Say.

This song was a joke, like seriously.. it's super EASY! (that explains why it is marked "0" tier on the difficulty screen). There's nothing hard to it, and not even a solo. It was actually semi-boring. I'm sure that even I could FC it, if I tried. I still lack my 100% expert guitar achievement, and I think I could get it easy with that song.

The only thing hard about this video was the editing. So many layers to video, so much masking (I fail at making straight lines) etc. So I'm proud of my editing work on this one.

I had to re-render the guitar video because my Dazzle captured with lagged audio for some reason, it should be all nice and synced now!

Vocal Video: Head Over Feet 98%

(yes, that IS a Trogdor shirt :p)

Guitar Video: They Say 99%

This is a reupload with the audio synced as it should be.

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