Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skyrim: Tale of the Tongues Vocal Cover by Anex

After beating the main storyline in Skyrim (which I had put off for a REALLY long time intentionally), I found a new song available at the bards called "Tale of the Tongues". When I first heard it I was really moved, and fell in love with the song.

Days later it was still playing in my head and I was humming it and stopping by bards on purpose just to hear it. I decided I wanted to do a vocal cover.

Around this same time I had a friend who posted on facebook a cover of a girl singing this very same song. I said to myself "damn, it has been done, people will think I'm a copy cat".

When I looked at the video I was discouraged with the idea that I could make something people wouldn't make fun of. The video I saw was by Malukah which surely almost everyone knows by now.

She clearly has experience with recording/mixing/mastering all skills that I just don't have. Her track is semi-professional quality with many vocal layers and obviously took several takes to get something the quality she did. She also went "above and beyond" by adding backing vocals and other things. I felt pretty stupid to even bother. The more I thought about it though, the more I decided not to care. Good for her that she could do these things, I didn't want to make something like this.

I just wanted to sing the song simply as it was in the game. I just was annoyed at the idea of people coming across my video telling me "wow this is crap, you are not as good as Malukah" or something to that equivalent. But if there's one thing I have learned from 3 years of uploading videos of my singing youtube, it is that there are always people who will give you crap and there are always people who won't like your singing. So screw it. I do what I want.

So here it is, my vocal cover of Tale of the Tongues. My husband provided the guitar track so at least it wouldn't be so empty.

My point is not to impress you with my studio recording and mixing/mastering prowess (as I have none), nor to wow you with an elaborate cover, nor am I going to pretend I can speak the dragon tongue outside of Skyrim + kinect. I also don't claim to be an amazing singer.

If you're looking for something with more production, and a bit more fancy you can check out SabrinaValenzuela, Malukah, and many others on youtube (there's a ton!).

I'm just a girl who likes to sing and loves Skyrim. This is one of my favorite bard songs in the game and I wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible to maintain that simple, tavern bard feel.


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