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Skyrim: All Achievements Porgress as of 12/4/12

This is an excerpt of a previous post, the full post is here: Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim. Updated: Dec. 4, 2012

So without intending to I kind of started a goal to gain every achievement in the game so that should surely keep me busy until The Elder Scrolls Online is released (well, maybe not THAT long, but for a while). I just started noticing that I was getting the majority of achievements anyway, so I figured why not?

Here's my profile on Raptr (I can't think of an easier way to link achievements):

I'm sitting at 63/75 achievements (there were some achievements that came with the Dawngaurd DLC , Hearthfire add-on and Dragonborn DLC). Rather than link all the ones I have it is just easier to list the ones I DON'T have.

Dragonborn came out today and put me behind again right as I reached 63/65. I am waiting to be sent a code for the expansion from a friend since I am hindered by living overseas. I will add create a new version of All Achievements remaining later today. I prefer to keep the list short and it is time to move forward with Dragonborn.

*= Earned with my secondary character stored on a memory card.

Skyrim Achievements I am Lacking:

The Fallen-This is a quest that is part of the main story line. It is sitting in my quest log. I have intentionally left this unfinished. I feel like if I finish the main storyline while I'm still trying to play, the game will lose some of its flavor for me. (earned 12/4/12)

Also part of the main storyline.
(earned 12/4/12)

Bound Until Death- This is where I have screwed myself. This quest is part of the Dark Brotherhood. You see a long time ago around level 21 I ran into these guys and I really didn't like the way they were talking to me, telling me I had to kill who they wanted me to kill etc. Then I saw that pretty dagger Astrid had and well.. I killed her for it. I went on to destroy the Dark Brotherhood after.  Sadly at the time, I wasn't aware of the achievement nor did I particularity care. Unfortunately this is not the only achievement relating to them and the only way I can get these is by making a new character, which Skyrim doesn't make it easy to do (one of my few complaints with the game).
(earned 10/27/12*)

With Friends Like These- Yeah Dark Brotherhood..
(earned 10/13/12*)

Hail Sithis!-
Dark Brotherhood.. -_- (earned 10/30/12*)

Wanted- I'm saving this one. I figure when I'm all done with Raewyn and before I make a new character I will go out with a big bang ;)
(earned 10/29/12*)

Thief- This one is silly. I have picked over 200 locks and only 29 pockets. I just never had a need to steal things. Now I'm making a conscious effort to pickpocket every bandit, but it is slow going and my skill kind of sucks (I am also to lazy too equip all my + pickpocketing skill gear of which I have a bit not to mention thieves guild leader armor). I could pickpocket just about everyone, but seeing how my skill sucks, I'd rather have the option to kill the person if I get caught :x (earned 8/13/12)

Master Criminal- Part of my "Big Bang" plan. (earned 12/4/12)

Vampire Mastered- My secondary character will be handling this one. She is currently 2 perks in.

Werewolf Mastered- I really intended to work on this while I was a werewolf during all those Companions quests. However I failed at figuring that stuff out and in the end I just wanted to progress through the quests. I cured myself of lycanthropy and now if I get it again, I will be stuck a werewolf. Considering using this one for my "Big Bang" plan.
Update: I decided to work on this with my secondary character saved on a memory card instead of the HDD. (earned: 11/17/12*)

In my opinion this is going to be the hardest of all the achievements I have left. It is going to take a LOT of time and non-passive effort towards it. From what I have read you won't encounter a legendary dragon before level 78 (some have said they did, and I used to kill ancient dragons in my 30s, so maybe).. and that means leveling up. Right now I'm level 52. That has come out of about a week of passive playing.. but I think to reach 78 I'm probably going to have to level up EVERY SINGLE SKILL. Even ones I am not using like heavy armor, 2 handed weapons and caster related crap (I use some spells sometimes like to summon Arvak, heal myself or cast candlelight). After I get this, it will be time for the Big Bang plan and the rest will be cake.

Landowner- (added 9/4/12)
- Just need to play the new add-on. Sounds easy enough.

(earned 9/13/12)

Architect- (added 9/4/12)- Just need to play..

(earned 9/14/12)

Proud Parent- (added 9/4/12)- Easily done after building home & children's bed and a dresser/chest.

(earned 9/14/12)

Land Baron- (added 9/4/12)- 3 pieces of land doesn't sound hard. Just need to play more..

(earned 9/15/12)

Master Architect- (added 9/4/12)
- Finishing up my current home and moving my belongings, then I will finish my other 2 small houses into 3 wing homes.
(earned 9/18/12)

I'll update this post as necessary.

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