Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Sing Soft in Rock Band (RB Video: Lost Soul)

This is a video/blog combo I have been meaning to do for a while but it always ended up on the back-burner. Yesterday while trying to record Amberian Dawn- Lost Soul (at the request of the lovely Seli) I unintentionally ended up with decent enough footage to demonstrate what I mean.

To give you some background I've been doing Rock Band videos since May 4th, 2009 when I used to use my digital camera to record my tiny tv (I have a new one now lol) for my videos. In fact here's a link to my very first video: Forever (Rock Band 2) Expert Vocals 100%. My singing has improved since then (or at least I hope so O_o).

I've had lyrical singing lessons (only 7 hours mind you and I hope to take more, but I learned something that was life changing) and I was told that I was placing my voice incorrectly thus giving me a false lower voice and potentially damaging my vocal cords. I've since stopped... and although I pretty much seem to have good natural projection my projection has improved. I know how to not sing "weak".

However the game forces me to sing soft and weak. Thanks also in part to the removal of the sensitivity adjustment on Rock Band 3, if I sing at full (or even partial projection) I get horrible mic distortion, especially on high notes (which due to the nature of high notes are naturally louder).

Every time I post a Rock Band video I get some good-intentioned soul trying to give me tips about how to sing "stronger". I don't want to be rude, because they are trying to be nice and help me.. but it really bothers me when I'm quite aware of it and hate having to sing weak in the first place.

So when I worked on recording Lost Soul yesterday I played in a normal projection (not the full potential of an operatic projection because that is just WAY too loud and my neighbors would probably hate me) and using a more lyric style (as that feels natural to me for high notes and suits Amberian Dawn more). I recorded my video but was annoyed to hear distortion on almost all the choruses because of the projection + high notes. It sounds like some sort of electrical gargling, it's ugly.

I've been accused of having my voice break when people have heard the distortion before (which also irritates me), so I really don't like posting videos that have this distortion because I don't want to get into any arguments. I decided to replay the song softer/weaker in an effort to avoid it. While it went better, sadly I still had distortion in some places.

As I just consider Rock Band a game I understand the limitations of it. The mic is a really cheap generic USB mic. I have a very nice mic that can handle my voice that is also a USB one, however despite the fact that it requires no drivers (and supposedly such mics can be used in Rock Band) it does not work in game. The power light is on, but the game says "Connect a Mic".

 So as I mentioned before I have created a cover channel, which uses a more appropriate mic that can handle my voice, for covers etc: Anex Vocal Realm. I'm not claiming I'm a great or perfect singer (far from it and this is why I would still like to continue my lessons, aside from the fact that it is fun for me), however it is a more accurate representation minus a lot of the technological hindrances except for my failures at mixing/mastering and using a DAW.

Anyway without further ado, here are my 2 videos that will allow you to compare the difference and maybe understand why I sing the way I do for my Rock Band videos.

Amberian Dawn- Lost Soul Expert Vocals 100% [Sung Soft]

Amberian Dawn- Lost Soul Expert Vocals 100% [Sung More Lyrical]

Freaky fun fact.. both video stills have the EXACT same score!


  1. I think rock band is something to rock. I hope this can be of great effort to perform well in a live band.

  2. It helps me to try to relax.. try to pretend it is just like playing the game.. lol


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