Friday, March 18, 2011

Rhythm of Compassion for Japan

Rhythm Gamers all over the world, it's time to unite.. for a cause!

I'm calling on all of you. No matter your skill, your team, your clan or even your preferred game.

As I'm sure you're well aware of Japan is in desperate need of aid after a violent earthquake and tsunami last Friday. I'm asking all of us to pull together and do something good for the people who need help while at the same time demonstrating that the Rhythm Gaming Community is one that cares.

There are so many organizations that you can donate to, but I'm asking you to consider one very special organization that I personally really like: Shelter Box.

Shelter Box is an organization that makes an IMMEDIATE difference for those they help by providing families with a box that contains everything from a tent to live in, to a water purification system that can clean water for a family of 10 up to 12 months!

These boxes are great, and give people not only food, water and tools, but the one thing many of them don't have right now; a home.

Each box costs about $1,000 USD. However any donation helps towards the purchase of the materials, packing and shipping of these boxes. (see what the boxes contain)

If you would like to donate on behalf of the community please fill in the "This Donation is in the name of:" radio button and text box with "Rhythm of Compassion".

Those of you not involved in the Rhythm Gaming Community are also encouraged to donate.

Remember ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Even $10 USD is enough to purchase the "children's pack" of crayons, markers and coloring books that are included for small children in the boxes.

Let's show our compassion for our fellow human beings.

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